Merry Day Nail Color and Design

Classic Color

Classic Coloring (สีคลาสสิค มือหรือเท้า) 
Classic Coloring French Style (ทาสีคลาสสิคลงปลายเล็บแบบเฟรนช์)                                        
Classic Coloring Gradation (ทาสีคลาสสิค แบบไล่สี)                                                                        

Gel Color

Gel Polish (Hands or Feet) (ทาสีเจลมือหรือเท้า)
Gel Polish (Hands and Feet) (ทาสีเจลมือและเท้า)
Gel Polish (Per Nail) (ทาสีเจลต่อนิ้ว)
French Gel (ทาสีเจลลงปลายเล็บแบบเฟรนช์)                                                                   
Gradation Gel (สีเจลแบบไล่สี)                                                                                     

Gel Art Design 

Art 1 (powder polishing,mix color french, marble,
animal print, 3 colors up , dot, heart,
and flowers painting of single pattern)
Art 2 (up to 5 colors mix, ombre, jewelry and shell art,
dried flowers, power polishing up to 5 colors,
diamond, shatter glass)
Art 3 (nail ornaments mix size, draw and
painting more than 5 colors )
Art 4(Complex 3D modeling, jewelry and
nail ornaments full finger, various colors mix plus
jewelry ornaments, very complex design cartoon)
3D Gel Nail Art (Minimal Style) 


Gel Matte Hands or Feet
Peel Off Gel Base Hands or Feet


Gel Removal Hands or Feet (ถอดสีเจล)
Hard Gel Removal
Jewelry Removal