Everyday Nail Care: Merry Day Essential Nail Care

Signature Merry Day Manicure Pedicure

Treat your hands and feet with basic essential nail care for everyday hands and feet regimen.

Special blend of essential oils to cleanse, invigorate, and relax with gentle formula products.

  • Cleansing your hands and feet with our body washes made from natural and clean ingredients to calm mind and spirit
  • Trim your nails and shape into perfect condition with cuticle removal as needed
  • Relax your hand and feet with our washes and milky bath blended and extracted from the natural remedies.
  • Bring back natural moisturizer with our gentle body lotions blended with essential oil for rejuvenating skin
  • Non-irritating exfoliant scrub applied to remove impurities
  • Massage cuticle area with serum
  • Classic Color or Nail Polish as needed

This service is Suitable for everyone that is in need of Basic Care